Figub Brazlevič - Ersatzverkehr

Figub Brazlevič - Ersatzverkehr
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Sonne Ra - Fo Real (Prod. by Figub Brazlevič)

Figub Brazlevič - Ersatzverkehr Playlist

My latest piece of work and my second Album called "Ersatzverkehr" is a collaboration with several artists and DJ's, taking the old essence to create something totally new. Check out the dope MC's and stay tuned for new videos, coming out every week until the 30th of may.

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Ersatzverkehr (Release Date: 30.05.2014)
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Der Plusmacher (Feat. Omik K.) - Königsmische (Prod. by Figub Brazlevič)


Ṃ❍❍ℕŤℝ❍❍ℙ ☆☆☆ Rob Really - Section 8 (Prod. by Figub Brazlevič)

Ṃ❍❍ℕŤℝ❍❍ℙ ☆☆☆ Rob Really - Section 8 (Prod. by Figub Brazlevič)


MISSION CREW: Rob Really & Figub Brazlevič  
Video by Robert Dinero ™ for Ṃ❍❍ℕŤℝ❍❍ℙ  


New RELEASES (Chefket, Fear le Funk, MPM/The Ruffcats

1. Fear le Funk - The Compilation

Thx to Stanley Stiffle and Fear le Funk for this nice record and the good times in Vienna. Keep on going on. Dope artists and dope songs! 

Get the wax here: Fear le Funk - The Compilation

2. Various Artists - Sopa de Tartaruga (MPM)

MPM's newest release is a remix vinyl. The Ruffcats remixed by Fid Mella, Retrogott, Figub Brazlevic, Hulk Hodn, Shuko, V.Raeter, Veedel Kaztro, Dramadigs and more...

3. Chefket - Guter Tag

I'm really happy that the two songs i produced ( Geld Ist Nicht Alles / Was Ich Nicht Bin ) are finally on Chefket's mixtape. Super DJ-Mix by ChrisFader!

Get the Wax here: Chefket - Guter Tag